Artificial Pruning-Aware Procedural Modeling of Shrub Roses

Cyberworlds 2022 (to appear).

Authors: Wataru Umezawa and Tomohiko Mukai

Download: [paper] [slides] [code]

Abstract: Roses fascinate people in several types of visual media such as movies and games. Although the beauty of roses is attributed to the underlying botanical structure and skillful pruning, the conventional modeling method does not explicitly consider the tree shape change with artificial care. We propose a procedural method for modeling the branching structure of well-maintained shrub roses. The branch generation rules are derived to reproduce the characteristics of the ideal tree shape during the blooming season, leveraging both the species-specific growth model and artificial pruning applied appropriately throughout the year. Our system enables intuitive control to change the tree shape by tweaking several parameters. These manually set parameters are designed to represent the differences between rose varieties and mimic manual pruning that reflects the intentions of gardeners. We demonstrate the usability of our method through several experiments.

Acknowledgements: This work was supported by PlatinumGames Inc.

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