Pose Timeline for Motion Editing


We propose a system that visualizes a motion sequence on a summary timeline with editable pose-icons, and drag-and-drop operations on the timeline enable intuitive controls of temporal properties of the motion such as timing, duration, and coordination. Our method also integrates the concept of edit propagation by which the manual modification of one action unit is automatically transferred to the other units that are robustly detected by similarity search technique.

  • Tomohiko Mukai and Shigeru Kuriyama, Pose-Timeline for Propagating Motion Edits, ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2009, pp.104-113, 2009. [web] [pdf] [movie]
  • 向井智彦, 栗山繁, 2次元姿勢タイムラインを用いた動作データ編集,情報処理学会グラフィクスとCAD研究報告,Vol.2008, No. 109, pp.25-30, 2008.