NICOGRAPH International 2024

芸術科学会が主催する国際会議NICOGRAPH International 2024に1件のフルペーパーと3件のポスターが採択されました。発表は6月14-15日、会場は東京都立大学南大沢キャンパスの予定です。

  • Yuhao Dou and Tomohiko Mukai, Facial Animation Retargeting by Unsupervised Learning of Graph Convolutional Networks, Nicograph International 2024, 2024.6.
  • Wataru Umezawa and Tomohiko Mukai, Procedural Modeling of Climbing Roses Using Constrained Path Finding Algorithm, Nicograph International 2024 Posters, 2024.6.
  • Yuka Komeda and Tomohiko Mukai, Disk-Shaped Modeling Interface for Axis Curves of Acanthus Patterns, Nicograph International 2024 Posters, 2024.6.
  • Hiyorii Azuma and Tomohiko Mukai, Pattern Generation of Inner Layered Structure for Personalized Mascot Costumes, Nicograph International 2024 Posters, 2024.6.

We will present one full paper and three posters at Nicograph International 2024 which will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan.

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