Admission Policy

日本国内在住者向け (for Japanese student)




  • テクニカルライティング
  • テクニカルプレゼンテーション
  • テクニカルコミュニケーション


  • 数学的素養、特に幾何学、線形代数、および統計学の知識
  • C/C++やC#、Python、Java、Javascript、etc…などのプログラミング言語の知識と経験


  • コンピュータグラフィックスの理論と実践に関する知識
  • 3次元CGソフトウェアの知識とプログラミング経験(DCCツールやゲームエンジンなど)





For international students

NOTE: We will NOT accept both graduate students and research students who live in outside of Japan without any exception due to the covid19 outbreak at this moment.

NOTE: We will NOT reply to your email if we decide that you have not read this page.

Motivation and suitability

We are conducting researches on computational design, computer graphics, and related field, from a scientific and engineering perspective. Our goal is to contribute to the next-generation content design by providing useful computational algorithms and software. We expect students to develop the following skills in addition to the high motivation to do the research.

Required skills

  • Technical writing
  • Technical presentation
  • Technical communication

Expected skill

  • mathematical skills, especially geometry, linear algebra, and statistics
  • knowledge of C/C++, C#, and/or Python programming language
  • ability of daily Japanese conversations or strong intentions of studying Japanese (applicants prefer to have JLPT N1)

Good to have

  • knowledge of computer graphics technology (theory and practice)
  • knowledge of DCC tools, such as Maya, Blender, UE and Unity
  • intentions of machine learning technology

Graduate students

Our laboratory is a part of the Department of Industrial Art, Graduate School of Systems Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University. To become our lab member as a graduate student, you must enroll in the official graduate program. You have to t the entrance exam and pass it (also see FAQ page). Although there is no Japanese Language test in the exam, we strongly encourage students to have enough skill in Japanese (especially speaking and reading) because our department has a few classes taught in English.

If you decide to take the entrance exam, please contact us via e-mail with your CV and your research proposal before you send the official application to the university.

Research students

We basically do NOT accept Research Student at this moment, except for the following three cases:

  • student who has passed the entrance exam of our department
  • student who is strongly recommended by an expert/researcher who we know
  • student who has strong math and programming skills that can be demonstrated by his/her portfolio or via activities on social media, such as GitHub, YouTube, and so on.

Please contact us via email with your CV and your portfolio if you would like to join us as a research student.